XTRA910 audio: Super Bowl Radio Row

INDIANAPOLIS -- Our weekly NFC West conversation with Mike Jurecki expanded Friday to cover broader subjects from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLVI.

Full menu below. Audio here.

  • Indy as a Super Bowl city: favorable reviews all the way around.

  • Football in St. Louis: see earlier.

  • Expansion: clarifying Roger Goodell's comments regarding going to 34 teams.

  • Thursday night games: what the league should guard against after going from eight to 13 games on Thursday nights.

  • Peyton Manning options: see earlier, and earlier than that.

  • Kevin Kolb options: Taking a risk on a not-quite-healthy Manning could have some appeal if the Cardinals saw little difference between Kolb and John Skelton.

  • Offensive line considerations: Upgrading at offensive tackle makes sense for the Cardinals, especially if Kolb and Skelton are the quarterbacks.

  • Super Bowl predictions: Why does it feel as though the Patriots are underdogs?

  • Legacies at stake: Tom Brady and the Patriots can resume their earlier trajectory with a victory over the New York Giants.

Enjoy your Friday night. I'm organizing materials for Pro Football Hall of Fame voting Saturday morning.