On the Rams' need to get bigger up front

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jim Thomas' latest St. Louis Rams piece for the Post-Dispatch mentioned a general desire to add bulk, particularly on the offensive line.

Average OL Weights

This sent me through the rosters I maintain for every team in the league.

Sure enough, the Rams' offensive linemen averaged 306 pounds, the 26th-highest figure in the league.

Teams do not always provide accurate weights for their players. I update weights periodically; some of the ones in my spreadsheet surely need tweaking. The 306-pound average for the Rams stands as a rough estimate.

The fact that the Rams would rank in the bottom half of the league gives us at least a general indication of where they stand in overall bulk up front.

The top offensive tackle in the draft, USC's Matt Kalil, is listed at only 295 pounds. But at 6-foot-7, he has potential to add quite a bit of weight. I'd be surprised if he weighed beneath 300 pounds by the time he began his pro career.