Mike & Mike: Manning to the NFC West

A Seahawks fan I know emailed to say he "fell out of his chair" after hearing how strongly Mike Greenberg was advocating Peyton Manning for the Seahawks.

The thought of a national radio host bringing up the NFC West without prompting did seem far-fetched (I kid, but only a little). This, I had to hear for myself.

Arizona Cardinals fans will want to listen in, too, as Greenberg and Herm Edwards considered the possibilities during "Mike & Mike in the Morning"Insider on Wednesday morning, not quite 90 minutes into the show.

I'll break out one of the more pertinent exchanges below. First, though, I'll link to audio featuring my thoughts on Manning and Seattle after Sports 620 KTAR's Ron Wolfley asked with some skepticism why Manning would consider the Seahawks at all. You'll find that exchange at about the 27:24 mark of this clip.

Now, on with the exchange between Edwards and Greenberg.

Edwards: I think the spot, personally, it's going to be Miami.

Greenberg: Miami. What makes you say that?

Edwards: The situation they are in, I think he's walking into a situation where the fan base will be excited, he has a good wide receiver in Brandon Marshall, a pretty good tight end, a runner in Reggie Bush, defense pretty consistent. A team that maybe has a chance to win, to compete in that division. To me, that is the logical spot. You got a new head coach, you got an owner who wants to bring star power in there. They haven’t had a consistent quarterback since Dan Marino. I just think it would be a nice landing spot.

Greenberg: I don't see it. I disagree with you and I'll tell you why. I think Manning, at this stage in his career, there was probably a point in his career when Manning could basically run an organization. He played most of his career under Tony Dungy. Jim Caldwell slides in, it felt like it was an extension of Dungy on the staff and everything else, but Manning could run the show. If I am a GM, the one thing I am looking for more than anything is an established situation to walk into. You're going to go play for a guy who has never been a head coach before in his life in Joe Philbin. If you are Peyton, you don't get two chances to make this decision. This is it. It would be a disaster if he goes somewhere and after one year, he is looking for a new team like what happened with Donovan (McNabb). That is not what Peyton is looking for. He is looking for one more place to go, like (Joe) Montana did in Kansas City and take one more shot at this thing. I think it would be a real roll of the dice to go play for a coach who has never head coached the game before in his life. No disrespect to Joe Philbin. Maybe he'll wind up being the next Lombardi. But he has never been a head coach before. As much as I respect the Dolphins for hanging in there and fighting and scratching and clawing as they did last year and not giving up on the season, that season was hopelessly lost in October. It’s not like they are knocking on the door. If I am Peyton, I am looking for a team where I feel like they are real close and may just be a quarterback away. I’ll tell you where I would go.

Edwards: Where are you going to go?

Greenberg: I would give some serious thought to Seattle. I think Seattle has a lot of pieces in place. They’ve got a coach that everybody out there likes playing for, Pete Carroll. I know he hasn’t won much in the NFL, but he is firmly in place.

Edwards: Yeah.

Greenberg: I think if they would have had Peyton Manning last year, they would have been the goods. That division isn’t as bad as people like to make it out because San Francisco is as good as anybody. Arizona was on the come late last year. I think I’d give some serious thought to Seattle and I know I would give some serious thought to Arizona. I would definitely give some serious though to that situation.

Edwards: Arizona is another place. You've got Kenny Whisenhunt, that understands veteran quarterbacks. They had Kurt Warner down there.

Greenberg: Look how well that worked.

Edwards: It worked out well.

Greenberg: Play with Larry Fitzgerald. You want to talk about a dream situation.

Edwards: That is a good spot. Seattle is a good spot.

Greenberg: Seattle is not bad.

Edwards: No, not bad. For some reason, I've just got a feeling it's Miami. Those two spots you just mentioned, those are good spots.