What the Rams will want in a stadium

The St. Louis Rams made a procedural move Thursday by rejecting the local stadium authority's proposed renovations to the Edward Jones Dome.

Accepting the proposal would have locked the Rams into their lease.

The team has until May 1 to make its own proposal, and if there is no deal by June 15, arbitration becomes an option, according to Matthew Hathaway of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

What the Rams will want, of course, is a new stadium, not a renovated one.

The San Francisco 49ers recently secured one. The Rams' other division rivals, Seattle and Arizona, have moved into new stadiums over the past decade or so. The Minnesota Vikings are trying to get one.

For now, the Rams are walking through a series of predictable steps outlined in their lease agreement. That agreement requires the Edward Jones Dome to qualify as a top-tier facility by NFL standards, or else the Rams can break their lease after the 2014 season.

None of the new stadiums being built or proposed for construction follows the Edward Jones Dome's design, which was an extension of the way domes were constructed years ago. The Rams will want to play in a stadium resembling the ones being built around the league, and they would be foolish to settle for less when they have options.

Can the Rams get a new stadium in St. Louis? No one knows. But when pro teams cannot get new stadiums built locally, they look elsewhere. Why would the Rams be any different?