Chat wrap: Manning and other subjects

Peyton Manning drove much of the discussion for the most recent NFC West chat. I've featured items on other subjects below, capped by a one regarding the San Francisco 49ers' apparent decision to stick with Alex Smith instead of considering Manning.

Full chat transcript here. Highlights below.

Roland from Winnipeg asks whether the St. Louis Rams would pursue Mike Wallace in restricted free agency if they traded down in the draft and did not sign Vincent Jackson.

Mike Sando: That would be a lot to give up. Wallace would have to get a fat contract. He would be a terrific addition, but how badly would he want to play for a rebuilding team at this point? The money would have to be off the charts, and then the Rams would be parting with such a high pick. The Steelers drafted Wallace in the third round. The Rams need to draft their own Wallaces at some point. That is why they hired Les Snead. He needs to find those types of players.

Northwest Guy from Gig Harbor, Wash., asks for my thoughts on the Marshawn Lynch contract with Seattle. He thinks it favors the team.

Mike Sando: The franchise tag hung over his deal and compromised his bargaining position. That allowed the Seahawks to sign him at a reasonable rate. He was never going to hit the market. He got what he could get, which means he got what he was worth under the circumstances.

Trev from Portland, Ore., says the Cardinals are best positioned land Manning because for reasons consisting of an indoor stadium, grass field, weather, receivers, running backs, staff (former Colts assistant Frank Reich), holding a mid-range draft pick available for a quality offensive tackle and having an extra 15 days for training camp in advance of the Hall of Fame game.

Mike Sando: You make good points. The mid-range draft choice isn't going to be a selling point, in my view. The Hall of Fame game does buy extra practice time, which Manning would value. I don't think 15 extra days of work would swing the deal, but if things did come together overall, that would be a plus. This division would get fun in a hurry with Manning playing for one of its teams, particularly with the 49ers deciding to stay the course.

Chris from Fairfield, Calif., realized in retrospect that San Francisco knew what it was doing when it opted to sign Carlos Rogers instead of Nnamdi Asomugha last offseason. He is now inclined to trust the 49ers as they appear likely to stick with Smith over Manning.

Mike Sando: The 49ers built up what Jim Harbaugh called a lot of "equity" with Alex Smith and other players. Bringing in Manning would change the entire team dynamic, a dynamic the 49ers like very much. There is a risk in not going after him, but the 49ers do not see the payoff as worth the risk. They were already in the NFC Championship Game, a play or two away from the Super Bowl. They feel as though they have a good chance to remain on a similar level if they stay the course. Betting big on Manning introduces a level of risk that does not exist in their minds if they stay the course. I see both sides of it. Just not sure the fit with Manning and Jim Harbaugh would be all that great, either.

Thanks to @dubbacee and others for sending a reminder to post the chat highlights and link to the full transcript. That got away from me Thursday.