710ESPN Seattle: Manning, free agency

Peyton Manning, Mario Williams, Matt Flynn, Kevin Kolb, Randy Moss and the St. Louis Rams' recent trade with Washington were among the subjects Dave Grosby, Bob Stelton and I discussed Monday.

710ESPN Seattle has the audio.

I promoted Williams as a potential pass-rush solution for Seattle when Grosby, Stelton and I spoke during the combine. This time, we considered the other side of free agency, specifically that players reaching the market tend to come with question marks. If Williams met expectations as the No. 1 overall choice in his draft class, why would the Texans let him reach the market? Don't point to the salary cap, either. Teams can find ways to keep their very best players.

Meanwhile, ESPN's Adam Schefter says the Arizona Cardinals expect to release tackle Levi Brown, a move long anticipated in the absence of a contract restructuring. Also, the Rams plan to release defensive end James Hall and cornerback Ron Bartell, two players singled out earlier Monday.