On Hutchinson's decision to join Titans

The three-year deal guard Steve Hutchinson has accepted in Tennessee raises questions about his motives beyond the obvious financial considerations.

Might Hutchinson know something about the quarterback situation there? His agent, Tom Condon, also represents Peyton Manning. A chance to play with Manning could appeal, but Hutchinson also has strong personal ties to Matt Hasselbeck, who would remain with the Titans if Manning did not sign with them.

It is also possible that the Titans paid a premium for Hutchinson, because they knew it might enhance their chances with Manning. Hutchinson, 34, is a seven-time Pro Bowl guard.

The Seattle Seahawks brought in Hutchinson for a visit Wednesday. They have an opening at left guard after releasing Robert Gallery, who would have earned $6.5 million in 2012. They released Gallery without knowing whether Hutchinson would sign with them. That indicates they did not value Gallery at his price, independent of who they might get to replace him.

Stay tuned on this one. We need to find out whether Hutchinson's decision to sign with the Titans carries additional meaning.