Seahawks CB: Bring on Manning to 49ers

San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner reacted with a "wow" at the thought of Peyton Manning joining forces with Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.

If that sounds like a personnel combination to fear, you must not be Richard Sherman. The precocious Seattle Seahawks cornerback said he's tired of people fearing players and actually hopes Manning goes to the 49ers.

"He will have at least 2 tough days a season," Sherman tweeted.

Sherman has never lacked for confidence. He called Cincinnati's A.J. Green "overrated" following a game last season.

It is quite possible Manning has never heard of Sherman. Manning obviously would not fear him. But with Manning coming off four neck surgeries, he could pick a division friendlier to quarterbacks than the NFC West.

Seattle's Kam Chancellor and Arizona's Adrian Wilson are the two biggest starting safeties in the NFL. Both have racked up fines for punishing opponents. Defenses in Seattle and Arizona proved formidable late last season, and the St. Louis Rams appear headed in that direction with Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams in charge of their defense.

In signing with the 49ers, however, Manning would at least avoid matching up against the division's toughest defense -- outside practice situations, of course.