A few minutes with Rams' Scott Wells

Scott Wells, one of the newest members of the St. Louis Rams, just finished an introductory conference call with reporters.

The Pro Bowl center, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, emphasized intelligence, consistency, preparedness and professionalism when asked what he brings to the Rams.

The center position lends itself to leadership on the line and on offense in general. Pairing Wells with quarterback Sam Bradford looks like a wise move based on Wells' reputation and his experience with high-profile quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

Many things happen quickly from multiple angles on the interior of an offensive line. Centers must coordinate protection on the fly and work well with the guards next to them. The best ones read defenses nearly as well as quarterbacks do. I would expect Wells, 31, to handle some of the protection responsibilities that St. Louis' previous staff placed on Bradford, 24.

The word professionalism came up again when Wells was asked what his former teammate, Matt Flynn, will bring to the Seattle Seahawks.

"As far as his professionalism on and off the field, he studies the film as if he is going to start," Wells said, and he added he thought Flynn was an "excellent talent" as well.