Mailbag: Gore due to break out

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Dean from Laramie, Wyo., writes: I am wondering if Frank Gore is going to have a breakout game or if he is playing his new role. I get the feeling the niners are pushing the passing game to get some rhythm going. I would understand this since most of the receivers were out all preseason. Still though I wonder how long Gore will go before a 100-yard game?

Mike Sando: The Lions dumped Mike Martz because they wanted to run the ball more. Perhaps Martz shows his former team how a top-flight back such as Gore influences a coordinator's decision making along those lines. This has the feel of a breakout week for Gore. I could see Martz feeding the ball to him if the game is close or the 49ers are winning.

Anthony from Boston writes: Your an IDIOT!!!!! How can you rank Denver 14th in your power rankings after the impressive offensive performances the first 2 weeks of the season and have Indy at 6 after losing to Chicago and Barely squeaking out a win against Minnesota? Pittsburgh at number 2 after barely beating the lowly Browns? How did you come up with those numbers?
Mike Sando: The Broncos might not be the same without Ed Hochuli next week.

Aaron from Portland, Ore., writes: The Seahawks have made a lot of moves at WR recently. What's going to happen to guys like Koren Robinson and Keary Colbert once Branch and Engram come back from injury?

Mike Sando: We'll have a better idea once we see Robinson and Colbert play. I would expect Colbert and Robinson to remain with the team this season. Seattle traded a 2009 draft choice to the Broncos for Colbert. And now that the organization has brought back Robinson after considerable deliberation, I would expect the team to give him every opportunity to realize some of his potential.

Seattle has seven receivers on its roster. Michael Bumpus and Billy McMullen were late additions. They could be vulnerable to roster maneuvering if Robinson and Colbert indeed have the inside track.

Mike from the Bay Area writes: Hey Mike, How do you like the Niners chance of being 3-1, before going back home and playing a not so great Patriots team? Niners next two games: Lions: 32nd Run Defense...25th Pass defense @Saints: 28th Pass Defense...26th Run Defense Thanks
Mike Sando: It's not out of the question. I think a split is more likely. The 49ers should be able to beat the Lions. I'm inclined to give the Saints the edge at New Orleans.

Andrew from Modesto, Calif., writes: With all the injuries at WR why haven't the Hawks looked into signing someone with decent play time in the NFL?? I know right now there is not much out there, but Joe Horn is available. Shoot they could even talk Jerry Rice out of retirement if they tried, bet he would have at least 75 catches.
Mike Sando: Jerry Rice is done. He has other things going. Seattle wanted people with basic familiarity with West Coast offenses. I suspect that's why Billy McMullen prevailed over Samie Parker. 32 teams are not rushing out to sign Joe Horn right now. The consensus seems to be pretty clear there.

K.C. from Wenatchee, Wash., writes: Mike, the Seahawks woes at WR have been well-documented and I think I am in the minority that actually approves of the recent signings of K-Rob and Colbert (by the way is that Col-bear or Col-burt?).
You mentioned that you believe Tim Ruskell will try to make a move for a number 1 WR in the near future, what's your take on who that would be? Roy Williams has been mentioned numerous times in questions to you, as has Chad Johnson and Anquan Boldin. To my knowledge none of them are anywhere close to being traded. Are there any number 1 type WR's being shopped? Thanks in advance, and I love the blog!

Mike Sando: Thanks, K.C. I do expect the Seahawks to continue pursuing trade options at receiver given all the injuries. But right now those other teams just do not appear interested in parting with established players at the position. "Col-burt" is the pronunciation on Colbert.

John from Tacoma, Wash., writes: Mike, Since there isn't enough room to post last week's ratings, what's the chance of getting another of your famous spreadsheets? :b
Mike Sando: Now you've done it. I'll probably put together something on the power rankings in Excel form now that you've asked. Thanks -- I think.

Ben from Los Angeles writes: Are Colbert and Robinson going to be the starters for Seattle this weekend/near future, or is Courtney Taylor still a starter and one of the two new guys will start with him? If it is the second scenario, who is going to be the 2nd starter?
Mike Sando: Courtney Taylor probably starts. After that, it's anybody's guess.

49ers52 from parts unknown writes: so answer me this. What it is going to take until the 49ers can gain any respect from anyone there at espn? power rankings stuff like that. the only time I ever see the 49ers on espn is all crap shooting them down. But here is the funny thing and i'm not saying they're gonna get good soon but espn does this with a lot of teams where they trash talk the teams and when they win or finally do something good still nothing. So I guess i'll sum it up for you why does espn hate the 49ers so bad?
Mike Sando: The 49ers have been one of the worst teams in the league over the last few years. I think it'll take time, not just a win here or there, to earn that respect again. I would bet fans of 25 or more teams think their team gets no "national" respect. I heard it all the time from Seahawks fans when I was covering the team. The 49ers will move up in the rankings as they win games, plural. That is my general feeling.

Joey from New York writes: Mike, can't help but look into the future of the Seahawk schedule after the bye week. 3 trips to the East Coast vs. the NY Giants, Tampa Bay and Miami sandwiched around home games against Green Bay and Philadelphia. Doesn't look very favorable after the 0-2 start. Do you think this team has the heart to win 5 of its next 7 (assuming their losses would only come to the NFC East powers of the Giants and Eagles) to get to 5-4 before their first game against Arizona on November 16th? Anything less and they would be at best 2 games behind Arizona when that matchup happens. Regards, Joey Scott (NYC)
Mike Sando: Heart, yes. Receivers, maybe. I see a loss to the Giants and probably two more of those teams unless the injury situation stabilizes. That would equate to 4-5. That makes even 9-7 difficult. That's why the game against the 49ers was so important. Seattle will need to fare well against the Cardinals, most likely.