What's right, and wrong, with Cardinals?

We've managed to stir Arizona Cardinals fans with items suggesting Seattle might outrank Arizona in the NFC West.

"All I have to say is, keep underestimating the Cardinals because, after all, that's when I believe they perform the best," Hashem from California wrote to the NFC West mailbag.

Serena, also writing from California, thinks a healthy Ryan Williams will upgrade the running game. But she's also keeping an open mind and wants to know what Cardinals fans should be optimistic (or pessimistic) about.

Hashem points optimistically to an improving defense, an explosive punt returner (Patrick Peterson) and a full offseason of preparation for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

I'll be back Friday with a list of what I like -- and things I'm no so sure about -- regarding the Cardinals, a team that seems to generate disparate opinions.

First, though, I'll peek at your suggestions.