New unis: Wrapping up the NFC West

Tying up loose ends on a Tuesday that began with the NFL and Nike unveiling new uniforms for the 2012 season:

  • Paul Lukas' column affirms that Seattle was the only team to completely redesign its uniforms. But he notes that pants for the San Francisco 49ers and some other teams might appear less metallic than in the past.

  • Rules prevent teams from redesigning their uniforms more frequently than every five seasons. The 49ers last redesigned their uniforms in April 2009. The Arizona Cardinals redesigned theirs in 2005. The Rams overhauled their uniforms in 2000.

  • The Rams have ditched their gold pants, according to Jim Thomas.

  • The Detroit Lions' equipment manager, Tim O’Neill, said the new uniforms are especially snug-fitting, which could make it tougher for opponents to grab onto jerseys. ESPN's Trent Dilfer and Marcellus Wiley touched on that aspect in the video above. O’Neill : "If we hung a jersey on a hanger, it would look like a medium T-shirt."

All for now. Enjoy your Tuesday night.