Sando says: Tell me where to go

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams are the last NFC West team I haven't seen in person during the 2008 season. That will change Sunday when I witness first hand whether coach Scott Linehan can meet ownership's public demands to improve.

Part of me really wants to see the Cardinals at Washington this week. It's the best matchup involving a division team. But the owner-induced Linehan job watch upped the ante. I was also determined to see all four teams in the division as quickly as feasible.

The plan now is to see the Cardinals pushing for a 3-1 or 4-0 record on the road against the Jets in Week 4.

But I would appreciate your input in picking which games to cover. I'll run a list of all NFC West games through Week 8 below, ranked in order of perceived attractiveness, with comments for each game. If my priorities are out of whack, don't hold back. Tell me where to go.

Week 3

  1. Rams at Seahawks. The Rams are the last team in the division I haven't seen in person. Another blowout defeat wouldn't look good for Linehan.

  2. Cardinals at Redskins. This is a tough one to miss. The Cardinals could go 3-0.

  3. Lions at 49ers. Mike Martz takes on his old team.

Week 4

  1. Cardinals at Jets. This trip is booked. After seeing the Rams in Week 3, it's time to follow the best team in the division.

  2. 49ers at Saints. Like old times for these former division rivals.

  3. Bills at Rams. The schedule isn't doing the Rams any favors.

Week 5

  1. Patriots at 49ers. A chance to see the 49ers again after a couple of weeks watching other teams in the division. I'm not yet sold on this one.

  2. Bills at Cardinals. A great matchup if both teams keep winning.

  3. Seahawks at Giants. I've seen this game before and it's a tough one for Seattle.

Week 6

  1. Cowboys at Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Terrell Owens on the same field.

  2. Packers at Seahawks. A rematch of their playoff game.

  3. Eagles at 49ers. A huge test for the 49ers' defense.

  4. Rams at Redskins. Time to set the DVR.

Week 7

  1. 49ers at Giants. Not a great week for games in the division.

  2. Seahawks at Bucs. Might be a natural game for NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas.

  3. Cowboys at Rams. Good times for Tony Romo.

Week 8

  1. Seahawks at 49ers. A chance to see two teams in the division, always a plus.

  2. Cardinals at Panthers. NFC playoff positioning could be at stake.

  3. Rams at Patriots. Tough duty for Rams.