Gruden QB Camp: Osweiler considerations

Former Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler says he's hoping to leave a "very respectful, cherished, loving legacy" during his time here on Planet Earth.

The tattoo on his right arm reminds him of this.

"Leave your legacy," it says.

Osweiler's left arm is less relevant to whatever success he enjoys in the NFL -- or in any English classes he might have taken as a political science major at Arizona State.

"Live life to it's fullest," reads the tattoo on that arm, complete with the unwelcome apostrophe.

Osweiler, speaking to ESPN's Jon Gruden in the continuing "QB Camp" draft series, says that tattoo dates to his high school days.

Perhaps most impressively, Osweiler has enough room on his long arms to fit those sentences, additional punctuation and all. At Gruden's prompting, Osweiler addressed the positives and negatives associated with his 6-foot-7 height and with his length overall.

The point Gruden made about taller quarterbacks -- how they use their eyes to mask their intentions becomes critical because defenders can see them easier -- stood out. Osweiler is two inches taller than any NFC West quarterback. Arizona's John Skelton and San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick are both 6-5.

The last time we considered Osweiler, he was at the combine and recovering from a foot injury. The Seattle Seahawks were looking for a quarterback, a search that led them to Matt Flynn in free agency. Osweiler subsequently worked out for scouts.

Analysts are projecting Osweiler for the second round or later.

I'm having a tougher time envisioning an NFC West team drafting him in that range now that Flynn is a starting candidate for Seattle. The Cardinals do not have a second-round choice, and they appear mostly set for 2012 with Kevin Kolb and Skelton. The San Francisco 49ers are set at quarterback for this season. The St. Louis Rams could use a veteran backup more than they could use a developmental player at the position.