710ESPN audio: Poll for best offseason

The Seattle Seahawks' recent moves and the San Francisco 49ers' signing of Brandon Jacobs were among the subjects Dave Grosby, Bob Stelton and I discussed Tuesday on 710ESPN Seattle.

And when Dave asked which NFC West team had done the best job adding new players and re-signing its own in free agency, my vote went to the Seattle Seahawks, with strong consideration to the 49ers.

San Francisco could not have done a better job re-signing key players on defense. Seattle played the market perfectly in securing quarterback Matt Flynn at a low price. The Seahawks also kept Red Bryant, their top priority in free agency after re-signing Marshawn Lynch before the signing period.

The bottom line, of course, is that both teams have fared well during free agency. Both could be worthy choices in the attached poll. The potential impact for a quarterback signed from another team was one factor I weighed when considering Seattle.

The St. Louis Rams weren't interested in re-signing most of their own free agents, so there wasn't much to consider on that front. The Rams added key players in free agency and set up their future through acquiring draft choices. They still need to add playmakers.

Arizona has remained mostly on the sideline this offseason, aside from an aggressive but ultimately unsuccessful play for Peyton Manning.

710ESPN has posted the audio.

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