Sifting through 2012 NFL mock drafts

With an assist from Clare Farnsworth, I've put together a chart showing 14 mock draft projections for NFC West teams.

The mocks are arranged by which players the St. Louis Rams were projected to select sixth overall. A couple other mocks fell from consideration because they projected trades, throwing off the comparisons.

A quick look at the player counts per team:

Each selection has the potential to affect subsequent ones, a big factor for mock drafts featuring more than one participant. Our ESPN.com Blog Network mock featured eight participants. The others featured one apiece.

These 14 mocks singled out 19 players for the four NFC West teams. There were five offensive linemen, four defensive end/outside linebacker types, four bigger defensive linemen, four receivers, one linebacker and one cornerback.

Most of the picks filled obvious team needs.

2012 Mock Draft Comparison