XTRA910 audio: Rating Cards' offseason

An Arizona Cardinals fan or two has noted in the comments of recent items an apparent shortage of "positive" blog entries regarding the team.

We've had this conversation before, leading to the list of things to like (and dislike) about the Cardinals heading toward the 2012 season.

The subject came to mind again Wednesday when discussing with XTRA Sports 910 AM's Mike Jurecki various NFC West subjects, including the Cardinals' offseason trajectory, during our latest conversation.

XTRA has posted the audio featuring thoughts on all NFC West teams. I've pulled out one part of the discussion for consideration below, knowing we can pick it up from there in the comments of this item.

Jurecki: "Did the Cardinals do enough so far in free agency and the offseason?"

My response: "There is a two-part answer to his. No, they didn't do much. I don't think they made themselves better, really, in the offseason. But it's OK, because it's all coming down to the quarterback anyway. They showed last season that there's enough good things to be an 8-8 team even when it wasn't ideal at quarterback. To take the next step is only going to happen with improved play at that position.

"That is what they were banking on all along. That is going to be what determines their season. Had they made a signing here or there that made a splash and made people feel good about it, I don't think that was going to be the key for them. They did that last year. They brought in Daryn Colledge, they signed some guys. This year, it's all about what the quarterback does in either taking 8-8 to 6-10 or maybe taking it to 9-7 or 10-6."