Fitz as GM: A look at recent track record

A great wide receiver does not always make for a great general manager.

Larry Fitzgerald appears to have been right last season, however, when he called Arizona Cardinals first-round draft choice Patrick Peterson a "can't-miss" prospect.

Fitzgerald is now backing Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd as a first-round candidate for the Cardinals in 2012, according to a passage near the bottom of this page featuring Peter King's predraft thoughts. Sounds like a decent idea to me, and if Fitzgerald is supportive, that can only help. He can be a fabulous mentor.

Fitzgerald backed Kevin Kolb as an option via trade last offseason. That move has yet to pay off, although one lockout-affected season wasn't much to go on. While Fitzgerald was part of a Cardinals contingent to meet with free-agent quarterback Peyton Manning last month, the receiver remained matter-of-fact in his public comments. There was no need to say anything that would make Kolb's job tougher.