How Browns-Vikings trade affects Rams

Initial thoughts on the Cleveland Browns' trade with Minnesota into the third overall choice from No. 4:

  • This looks like a panic move on the surface, but the Browns did enter this draft with 13 picks, most in the league. Giving up fourth-, fifth- and seventh-round picks will not kill their draft. With the first two overall picks set, the Browns now know they can get the player they want.

  • Moving up one spot for a franchise quarterback would make more sense, in my view, than moving up one spot for a player at another position -- especially if that player is a running back (Trent Richardson) or a cornerback (Morris Claiborne). The Browns are expected to select Richardson and then build their offense around him. That seems a bit odd for a team whose leadership believes in building around a quarterback.

  • Having the Browns move up take quarterback Ryan Tannehill, thereby preventing the Miami Dolphins from doing the same, would be a good thing for the St. Louis Rams, who hold the sixth overall choice. The Rams aren't interested in a quarterback. Every QB drafted in the top five makes available to the Rams an additional player at another position. That does not appear to be the case based on initial reports, however.

  • If the Browns are moving up for a running back, that means they're not interested in receiver Justin Blackmon, a player the Rams could be interested in adding. That could help St. Louis, in theory. Some analysts had projected Blackmon to the Browns at No. 4.

Fun stuff and the draft hasn't even started.