Rams are moving backward to get ahead

The St. Louis Rams have been headed in reverse for a decade or so.

Their plan for moving forward involved moving backward repeatedly during the 2012 NFL draft.

The Rams, having already set up their long-term future by moving back four spots to No. 6 overall, moved back another eight spots Thursday in a trade with Dallas. They picked up the 14th and 45th overall choices immediately after Jacksonville traded ahead of the Rams to take Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon. Were the Rams content moving back, or did the Jaguars outflank them for a No. 1 wideout?

Either way, the Rams now hold the 14th, 33rd, 39th and 45th choices.

Cleveland and Jacksonville scrambled among the top five picks while the Rams stood pat. The big question now is whether the Rams can land a wide receiver with the talent to become a clear No. 1 option for Sam Bradford.

The Cowboys used the sixth pick for LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. The Rams, having spent big for cornerback Cortland Finnegan in free agency, decided quantity meant more to them than quality at that point.