How Gregg Williams' absence affects Rams

No doubt about it, the St. Louis Rams are in good position to install their defense without suspended coordinator Gregg Williams.

Their head coach (Jeff Fisher), assistant head coach (Dave McGinnis) and secondary coach (Chuck Cecil) have all been coordinators.

ESPN's Adam Schefter offers thoughts along those lines in the video above.

Another consideration: What might be the impact on play-calling during games? Coordinators tend to have their own styles, tendencies, preferences, etc.

Williams was supremely confident in his approach and it showed in his aggressive play-calling. He blitzed with abandon and was entirely unapologetic about it. New Orleans sent five or more pass-rushers on more than 50 percent of opposing dropbacks when Williams was the Saints' coordinator in 2011, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Cecil was less established while coordinating under Fisher in Tennessee. He called games more conservatively. The Titans sent five-plus rushers on about 30 percent of dropbacks in 2010, when Cecil was their coordinator.

McGinnis was linebackers coach under Fisher in Tennessee. He was a primary play caller as Arizona's defensive coordinator under Vince Tobin from 1996-2000, and his approach was more conventional.

Fisher has not been a coordinator since 1994.

So, while the Rams should be fine without Williams this offseason, replicating his approach on game days could be unrealistic.