101ESPN St. Louis audio: Miklasz Show

The St. Louis Rams' stadium situation dominated my weekly discussion with Bernie Miklasz on Tuesday.

We're both taking a big-picture view of the proceedings with an emphasis on process. Neither of us sees reason for panic among Rams fans at this early stage of the proceedings. Much can happen between now and March 2015, which is the earliest point at which the Rams could seek to leave St. Louis in a worst-case scenario.

I do think Rams owner Stan Kroenke could allay fears to some degree by expressing a heartfelt desire to keep the team in St. Louis. "Heartfelt" isn't really his style in public, unfortunately. He's more apt to come off as shrewd and calculating. Some of that could be by design. He doesn't want to get trapped into making promises when he's not certain what will happen in the future. And, to be fair, the city of St. Louis also could do more to indicate a heartfelt desire to keep the Rams. That was one of the points Bernie made.

"If you get a dialogue going, I'm reasonably confident that the NFL would chip into this, Stan Kroenke would chip into this," Miklasz said. "But if you're not willing to have that dialogue, you've left the NFL and you've left Stan Kroenke with no way to open the door."