Opponents outgain Rams by 763 yards

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams have been outgained by 763 yards through three games.

At this rate, opponents would outgain the Rams by 4,069 yards over a full season. The 16-game total would come out to 3,237 yards for the Rams and 7,307 yards for their opponents. The chart compares current stats to the 16-game projections.

Rams coach Scott Linehan: "The expectation is that the defense in the third year of a system with, I would say, everyone that is playing for us was hand-picked by us. We're at the no-excuse time."

As for the offense? Bad. Some perspective: In 2007, the 49ers' last-ranked offense gained 3,797 yards, or 237.3 yards per game. The Rams are averaging 202.3 yards per game.

The Rams blamed their 2007 season on injuries. I saw their point. They've had a few this season as well, but that isn't the issue with this team. We are seeing no fire. Seattle jumped to a 27-6 lead in the first half Sunday. The Rams lost the opener in Philadelphia, 38-3.

Linehan: "Something's vanishing from our competitive state of mind on the field and I take total responsibility for that, trying to find out what it is, what buttons we need to push, what lineups that can get it done. After three games, I don't know that I have any better answer for you than I did after one, because I felt much better after game two until the fourth quarter, but I felt very similar to how we were in game one in this game in the first half."

The 3-0 Bills visit the Edwards Jones Dome in Week 4. Marshawn Lynch could rush for 150 or 200 yards if the Rams don't find answers in a hurry.