Video: Additional thoughts on Winslow

Two of the most highly drafted tight ends in NFL history now call the NFC West home.

Vernon Davis, meet Kellen Winslow.

Both were chosen sixth overall, Winslow in 2004 and Davis two years later. They are the only tight ends chosen among the top 10 selections over the past 16 drafts.

One big difference: Davis is established as an elite contributor for the San Francisco 49ers, while Winslow comes to the Seattle Seahawks on a year-to-year basis.

Winslow's contract carries a $3.3 million base salary for 2012. It also includes a $550,000 roster bonus and $500,000 workouts bonus this year. The deal runs through 2014, but Winslow will have to produce this season to secure his future in Seattle.

Tampa Bay saved $4.8 million in cap room by trading Winslow. The Seahawks had more than enough cap space to absorb Winslow's salary and any associated bonuses, if applicable.

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