Early expectations for NFC West standings

You might have noticed the "dream/nightmare scenarios" posted for AFC teams Thursday.

We'll have them for the NFC on Friday. I haven't started them and will not do so before late Thursday, after I've had a chance to consider your thoughts in the comments section below.

2012 Early Over-Unders

The video above might get your mind working (or stop it from working, depending on your take). In it, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh gets credit for being an outstanding playcaller. He obviously plays an important role in that area, but for the record, and with an eye toward what awaits in the comments section, the 49ers have said coordinator Greg Roman is the primary playcaller.

Those looking for baseline expectations can check out some of the recently released over-under listings for NFC West victory totals. The San Francisco 49ers come in at 10, with the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals at seven. The St. Louis Rams are at six. However, a closer look at the listings shows oddsmakers setting different prices for betting over or under those posted totals. The price is higher for betting the "under" totals for NFC West teams.