Sanders to answer questions regarding Crabtree

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

NFL Network's Deion Sanders will answer questions Sunday from coworker Jason LaCanfora regarding the Michael Crabtree situation.

The interview is scheduled to appear at approximately 10:30 a.m. ET.

Sanders' potential connection to the 49ers' tampering charges against the Jets regarding Crabtree will presumably be fair game.

The NFL Network put out an advisory that read: "Deion will be interviewed to talk about the news this week. The two different topics that will addressed include 49ers rookie WR Michael Crabtree signing this week after an extended holdout and the suspension of OSU star WR Dez Bryant. Deion will talk about his relationship with Crabtree and being a mentor to Bryant and many other people including many NFL players."

Sanders and Crabtree share an agent. Sanders has mentored Crabtree. And so when Sanders suggested two teams other than the 49ers would be willing to meet Crabtree's contract demands -- and that Crabtree knew it -- the rest of us were left to wonder how that could be so.

Did Sanders work as an intermediary between Crabtree and other teams, notably the Jets? The 49ers held exclusive negotiating rights to Crabtree during the period in question. Crabtree finally signed this week.