Talks with Long, Laurinaitis and more

A few highlights and interpretations after reading through comments from Kevin Demoff, the St. Louis Rams' vice president of football operations and chief operating officer:

  • The team is "in the process of starting initial conversations" with Chris Long and James Laurinaitis regarding long-term deals. Demoff joked about hearing rumors that Long's agent can be difficult. Long's agent is Demoff's father, Marvin. Marvin Demoff also represents Rams coach Jeff Fisher. If Fisher wants a deal done with Long in particular, the process should be pretty smooth, in other words.

  • Demoff dismissed suggestions the Rams could be for sale. He said the idea was so "baseless" that it didn't merit a response. But he responded anyway, saying owner Stan Kroenke has never been more excited about owning the team. Kroenke doesn't say much publicly. He isn't very expressive when he does. It's good having the Rams on the record regarding the team's intentions while its stadium lease is in the news.

  • Sounds like Demoff and general manager Les Snead have a good rapport. Demoff felt comfortable joking about Snead's hair.

  • Demoff referred to the age rankings I publish periodically. He's right about the Rams having the youngest roster in the NFL. Tampa Bay, Dallas, Green Bay and Cincinnati round out the top five. Seattle is 11th after adding some veterans this offseason. The 49ers are 17th. The Cardinals are 27th.

  • On the age front, I like to adjust for specialists, whose ages can skew the averages without necessarily telling us what we want to know about a roster. I mean, who cares if the punter is 33 years old, right? Excluding specialists, the Rams are still the youngest team. The 49ers would be ninth, the Seahawks 16th and the Cardinals 19th by that measure. St. Louis has the NFL's youngest specialists on average. The Cardinals have the oldest.

  • Training camp opens Sunday, July 29. That is one day later than I had thought.

  • Receiver Steve Smith is looking good. The Rams have relatively high expectations for him. More here.

I've got another item scheduled in a bit. That one features some good back and forth regarding a couple of the NFC West's more promising young pass-rushers.