Steven Jackson: 'A difference in leadership'

Running back Steven Jackson spoke at length on a number of subjects from the St. Louis Rams' minicamp Tuesday.

His comments regarding new coach Jeff Fisher stood out. Jackson, asked about the level of confidence Fisher projects as an experienced head coach, told reporters he thinks the team is in much better hands:

"It's quite a difference. Nothing against what I’ve had before Coach Fisher, but you can definitely tell a difference in leadership, a difference in confidence. It’s not so much of on-the-job training. I'm just impressed by what he's assembled with assistant coaches around him. We have very credible coaches that are teaching me and some of my teammates. It’s just impressive, what they’ve been able to accomplish in some of their own careers.

"It’s very refreshing to have a coach that has that kind of resume and brings that kind of credibility. You can just feel it. It’s quite a difference. I haven’t felt this way since the 2004, 2005 years, where now it’s more so 'when' is it going to turn around, not 'if' its going to turn around."

It's likewise refreshing when an athlete speaks as honestly as Jackson often does.

Fisher's predecessors, Steve Spagnuolo and Scott Linehan, had not been NFL head coaches before the Rams hired them. That was not their fault. They did what they thought was best under difficult circumstances.

Fisher has not yet won anything in St. Louis, save for the confidence of the Rams' most respected player. That's a good start.