Goodell's memo, the Rams and Los Angeles

The memo NFL commissioner Roger Goodell produced regarding a potential Los Angeles franchise doesn't change anything for the St. Louis Rams in the short term.

That's good for St. Louis fans prone to relocation fears every time the NFL and Los Angeles appear in the same sentence.

"Any franchise interested in relocating there for the 2013 season must apply between Jan. 1 and Feb. 15 of that year, and prove it has exhausted all attempts to remain in its current location," the news story reads.

The Rams' lease binds them to St. Louis until at least March 2015 and possibly a decade longer, depending upon the course of ongoing arbitration between the team and the St. Louis stadium authority.

Goodell's memo reflects the NFL's interest to build an "iconic facility" capable of serving two teams. Such a facility could appeal to the Rams and other teams in the future, but not before March 2015 in the Rams' case.