Chat wrap: Quick Marshawn Lynch update

Now that the latest NFC West chat transcript is up, there's time to address a couple questions that went unanswered during our hour-long session Thursday.

"Do you see the Seattle Seahawks signing a veteran running back if Marshawn Lynch gets suspended for two games or more?" Paul from El Paso asks.

Sando: Lynch pleaded not guilty Wednesday in his ongoing DUI case. I doubt his case will run its course through the legal system before the season starts. That could affect a timeline for any punishment. We don't know whether a 2009 suspension under the personal conduct policy might lead the NFL to suspend Lynch. First-time offenders of the NFL's alcohol policy generally receive only fines in the absence of aggravating circumstances.

Adding a veteran replacement sounds like a great idea on the surface. The team wouldn't want to add just any veteran, however. And if the suspension were handed down on short notice, the Seahawks might have a tough time getting a veteran familiar enough with the offense to represent an upgrade over the players already on the roster. Rookie Robert Turbin's readiness would also factor into a decision.

Ben from Columbia, S.C. thinks Brandon Gibson could be the odd man out at receiver when the St. Louis Rams reduce their roster to 53 players. He sees the team keeping seven others: Danny Amendola, Brian Quick, Chris Givens, Greg Salas, Steve Smith, Austin Pettis and Danario Alexander.

Sando: Seven is probably too many. Injuries usually help teams make decisions. I doubt all the receivers will remain healthy throughout camp. Pettis will be serving the remainder of a four-game suspension to open the season. He'll miss the first two games, buying time for the Rams should he remain a factor at the position through camp. I'd put Quick, Givens, Amendola, Salas and Smith in one category. Those would be my five favorites. Alexander needs his knees to cooperate for an improved chance.

rideahonda from parts unknown asks whether Michael Floyd will start for the Arizona Cardinals at any point this season, and whether it's an "indictment" of the team's drafting if Floyd, chosen 13th overall, does not crack the lineup.

Sando: I'll be surprised if Floyd doesn't start at least several games opposite Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals will find ways to get him on the field. Five of the six wide receivers drafted among the top 60 overall choices in 2011 played at least 63 percent of his team's offensive snaps. Kansas City's Jon Baldwin (37 percent) was the exception. He suffered a wrist injury before the season during a fight in the Chiefs' locker room.

If Floyd struggles and plays little despite good health, sure, that'll reflect poorly on the Cardinals for drafting him that early.

Sam from Folsom, Calif., was among several asking why there seems to be so much "doubting" of the San Francisco 49ers' ability to put together another strong season and playoff run.

Sando: I wouldn't worry too much about it, Sam. People aren't saying the 49ers are going to be horrible. They're just saying the 49ers probably won't win 13 regular-season games for a second year in a row. No one knows what will happen, but we do know teams rarely win that many games in a season.

There was a quite a bit of 49ers doubting last season as well. I spent part of the year as a resident defender of their validity, including come playoff time (even before their defeat in the NFC title game).

The 49ers are a good team coming off a great season. They've brought back key players, added a few promising ones and kept together their coaching staff. There are more reasons for fans to be excited than concerned.