WR Bryant brings some attitude to Seattle

Veteran receiver Antonio Bryant stared defiantly into the camera and issued a warning from the Seattle Seahawks' locker room following a three-day minicamp tryout last month.

"Remember this day, because if I’m back, I’m going to be back and better than ever," Bryant told Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson for the 'Real Rob Report' show. "Right now, I’m broke down. But a lot of people can’t come off the sofa and go through three days of this. I did it, so that means something."

That's when Bryant, out of the NFL since 2009, turned deadly serious.

"If I come back, a lot of you are going to be sad," he said, "and I’m going to send they ass home. And that’s all I’m going to say."

The full context of Bryant's remarks wasn't clear, but he's back, at least for now. The Seahawks announced Bryant's signing Thursday night after running Bryant and Braylon Edwards through tryouts. Bryant, 31, still must prove he can return from chronic knee troubles that drove him from the game.

But the Seahawks, having improbably revived Mike Williams' career in 2010, have experience giving long-forgotten wideouts a look (Reggie Williams was another one the team checked out two years ago). Bryant finished the 2008 season with 83 receptions for 1,248 yards and seven touchdowns for Tampa Bay. Those were career-best numbers across the board.

Bryant's conditioning wasn't up to NFL standards a month ago. He has presumably improved in that area. His progress will be another storyline to follow when Seattle opens camp Saturday.