Sando says: Tell me where to go

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

I'm headed to New Jersey for the Cardinals-Jets game Sunday. The plan next week is to check out the 49ers at home against the Patriots, albeit at the expense of two other matchups: Bills-Cardinals and Seahawks-Giants.

The chart shows how many times I've seen each team in person during the regular season.

The Cardinals-Jets game has been targeted for more than a week. It's a huge game for Arizona as the Cardinals try to justify their week-long getaway while proving they can handle an unfamiliar opponent on the road.

I've seen Seattle play the Giants on the road enough to know how that one probably ends. The 49ers improve their credentials if they can beat the Saints. If they lose, their subsequent home date with New England becomes even more important. Either way, a chance to see the 49ers measure themselves against the Patriots has strong appeal.

Thanks to those who offered travel suggestions when this item debuted last week. My feel from reading the comments was that 49ers-Patriots came out slightly ahead of Bills-Cardinals in Week 5. I'm curious to see what New England's defense might try against O'Sullivan. The Belichick-Martz factor also appeals.

I'll re-run the upcoming schedule, expanding it through Week 10 while featuring your select comments regarding possible choices for Weeks 6, 7 and 8. I'll keep you in the loop as to where future plans might take me. Thanks for the feedback.

Week 5

  1. Patriots at 49ers. The likely choice given the reasons stated above.

  2. Bills at Cardinals. I'll be have one eye directed toward this game.

  3. Seahawks at Giants. Been there, seen that.

Week 6

  1. Cowboys at Cardinals. joe_cool585 says: "Here is a statement game for the Cardinals. If they really want to contend and make strides in the NFC, you need to compete with the best. Not to mention the WR talent on the field every drive."

  2. Packers at Seahawks. orogenic says: "May determine Seattle's season."

  3. Eagles at 49ers. vtmullins says: "If the Seahawks are struggling, I think its gotta be Niners-Eagles."

  4. Rams at Redskins. No one mentioned this game, for good reason.

Week 7

  1. 49ers at Giants. miznat84 writes: "Niners-Giants will be a great measure of Niner progress as well as a rematch of the 2002 (?) Playoff Game."

  2. Seahawks at Bucs. RhynoEsea writes: "Seahawks vs. Bucs is the matchup you want. Once again, two teams that match up well and will battle it out."

  3. Cowboys at Rams. ScottA2001 writes: "Cowboys could break NFL single-game scoring record."

Week 8

  1. Seahawks at 49ers. Misfit74 writes: "How far has each team come. One could be playing early division spoiler. The revenge factor is a nice subplot."

  2. Cardinals at Panthers. RhynoEsea writes: "Two teams that like to throw the ball a lot, and with good ground games, decent defense, it will be a back and forth battle with lots of offense."

  3. Rams at Patriots. joe_cool585 writes: "Only because you've would have been covering the Cards too much and that the Rams could have VERY different sideline personnel by this point in the season."

Week 9

  1. Eagles at Seahawks.

  2. Cardinals at Rams.

Week 10

  1. 49ers at Cardinals.

  2. Seahawks at Dolphins

  3. Rams at Jets.