Thoughts as Limbaugh story nears possible close

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Quick thoughts on Adam Schefter's report suggesting the potential Rams ownership group featuring Rush Limbaugh would dump the talk-show host:

  • This is a wise move by Dave Checketts' ownership group because Limbaugh's presence was going to present a distraction. Reactions toward Limbaugh tend to be strongly positive or strongly negative. If you are the Rams' next owner, why deal with those reactions if it's not necessary? There's no benefit.

  • Limbaugh had to know his presence as a potential limited partner would draw a strong reaction from some. He also had to know that reaction would make him more relevant whether he remained part of the group. Nothing said about him during the process was likely to change anyone's minds about him. But his brand did benefit from the notoriety. Limbaugh is the winner either way.

  • I'll be curious to see how Limbaugh might proceed regarding quotes that might have been attributed to him incorrectly.

  • Limbaugh's previous comments about Donovan McNabb personalized Limbaugh to some of the players who took public stances against him. I do not think players would have reacted so strongly without that element. Their opposition to Limbaugh probably wouldn't have been so personal.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the end to this story. Back to football, hopefully.