Video: Why analysts favor Flynn, Kolb

Most Intriguing Quarterback Competitions (2:08)

Cris Carter and Tim Hasselbeck discuss the NFL's most intriguing quarterback competitions. (2:08)

The video shows ESPN analysts Tim Hasselbeck and Cris Carter offering thoughts on quarterback competitions around the NFL, including the ones in Arizona and Seattle.

Hasselbeck thinks Seattle would be best off going with Matt Flynn so that Flynn can "assert himself as a leader" on offense and the team in general. That thinking reflects what's important from a quarterback's perspective: clearly defined roles. No position on the team is quite like quarterback, the thinking goes. Rather than encouraging competition at the position, teams should seek the clarity that enables a starter to assert himself as the leader of the team.

Carter, meanwhile, thinks the money Arizona paid to Kolb gives Kolb a two-year window -- last season and this one -- to prove he was worth the investment.

Flynn, like Kolb, is the highest-paid quarterback on his team's roster. Seattle paid considerably less for Flynn, however, making it easier for the team to justify heading in another direction at the position.

Arizona has an extra exhibition game this season, extending the window for a quarterback competition. I think that makes it less critical for the Cardinals to settle on a starter quickly. Seattle's situation carries additional risks. The team is splitting reps three ways at a time when NFL rules have reduced the number of practice opportunities. The team also has the standard four exhibition games, one fewer than Arizona.