NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

We've ranked NFL teams by age, both for full rosters and for projected starters only.

Next up: the latest 27-column sortable rosters for NFC West teams, built by yours truly and made available for download here.

No actual 'roids were used in constructing these rosters, but they're muscular enough to provoke suspicion.

I've updated contract information for most players, revealing the final seasons for which players are under contract.

Summary information also shows various aspects of roster composition.

For example, the 49ers have a division-high 13 players with at least one Pro Bowl on their résumés, by my count. That's two more than the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams combined (Seattle has 10). Some previously acclaimed players might not be playing near a Pro Bowl level at this time, inviting a closer look. But if you find those sorts of breakdowns interesting, you might enjoy poring over these rosters.

Update: The Cardinals announced the signing of running back Thomas Clayton and guard Rich Ohrnberger. The team released receiver Stanley Arukwe and center Ryan Bartholomew. Bartholomew received a waived/injured designation. He would become eligible for injured reserve upon clearing waivers, although teams sometimes workout injury settlements that result in a player becoming a free agent.

I've updated the downloadable file as well.

The chart, updated to reflect those roster moves, shows recent counts by team and position.

NFC West Roster Counts: Aug. 1, 2012