Chat wrap: Assessing the Cardinals

The NFC West chat has finished and you're welcome to check out the transcript.

Since we're all about extending the play when additional yardage is available, I've singled out a question that went uncovered. We'll consider it here.

One of our regulars, Joe from Fort Worth, asked a two-part question on the Arizona Cardinals:

"What observations stand out to you thus far from Cardinals' offseason activities," he wrote, "and have any observations changed how you see the upcoming season playing out for the Cards?"

Sando: The main observation is that Arizona did relatively little from a personnel standpoint this offseason. I say "relatively" because the Cardinals were very active the previous offseason, acquiring Kevin Kolb, signing Daryn Colledge, signing Stewart Bradley, adding a couple veteran tight ends, using a top-five pick for Patrick Peterson, etc.

This year, the Cardinals are banking on improving their performance by picking up where they left off. The 2011 lockout made it tough for a new quarterback (Kolb) and first-time defensive coordinator (Ray Horton) early in the season, the thinking goes, but things will be better following a full offseason. Things were already getting better late last season, at least on defense.

My thinking on the Cardinals hinges on what happens at quarterback. We haven't heard any strong endorsements from the coaching staff or even teammates. That doesn't mean the quarterbacks are performing poorly, but at a certain point -- say, after a couple preseason games -- a team with a promising quarterback situation should sound excited about it. That never happened during the 2010 competition featuring Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart. The results were not very good.

If the Cardinals were a stock, I'd slap a "hold" recommendation on them, with an eye toward "sell" if the quarterback situation remains undefined deep into training camp.

Gotta run. About to board a flight from St. Louis to Canton.