$81,000 for the right to wear No. 81? So rich

The thought of Terrell Owens standing before his new Seattle Seahawks teammates and demanding jersey No. 81 from Golden Tate was too perfect to be true.

With an assist from coach Pete Carroll, however, Owens pulled it off.

The result: a prank video following in the tradition of other team-building devices from Carroll's bag of tricks. This one required Owens, wearing jersey No. 10 at present after favoring No. 81 to this point in his career, to mock himself and his reputation for self-centered behavior. At one point in the video, Owens kept a straight face while standing before the team and claiming that Tate had tried to charge him $81,000 for the right to wear No. 81. Owens complained about his minimum-level salary and even claimed that he was the reason Tate preferred No. 81 in the first place.

Pretty funny stuff.

One of the better NFL pranks I can recall hearing about involved former Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Pat Barnes, his teammate at the time, Greg Manusky, and a lottery ticket. You can read about that one here.