John Skelton as the Cardinals' favorite

Adam Schefter's tweet about John Skelton emerging as the favorite to start in Arizona lines up with the evidence collected to this point.

Skelton has not done much to win the job, but his primary competitor, Kevin Kolb, has done less. And there have been no indications Kolb will suddenly emerge as the superior option. The list of encouraging signs for Kolb since early last season would include ... what?

Skelton has at least shown an ability to hold up physically. The team has played better, in general, when Skelton was the quarterback. Even if Skelton wasn't the driving force behind that improved play, he benefits by association. Those benefits can carry into the locker room, particularly when there's an open competition. The head coach and staff aren't backing Kolb any more than they're backing Skelton.

This quarterback race feels like Arizona's 2010 competition between Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart. Back then, neither one looked good enough to seize the job. There's still time for Kolb or Skelton to take the Cardinals on another course, but no indication it's about to happen.