MossWatch: 'Great character, good heart'

The fourth installment in a series tracking the feel as wide receiver Randy Moss continues his career revival with the San Francisco 49ers.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Watching Randy Moss interact so playfully with Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree following practice Monday was a good sign for the 49ers.

Moss, 35, was an emerging NFL superstar before Davis and Crabtree were in high school. By the looks of things at 49ers camp, bridging the generation gap isn't going to be a problem. The banter and interaction between Moss and his younger teammates couldn't have appeared more natural while Moss and Davis stayed after practice to catch passes. And when Crabtree passed by, Moss engaged him in some banter, too.

"Randy is a great guy," Davis said afterward. "I love him. I love him. He has great character. The person that he is, he has a good heart. And he loves the game of football. Even though he’s been around for a while, he still loves the game of football. That’s what you need around here."

This is where the obligatory Moss disclaimers tend to pop up, the ones suggesting it's only a matter of time before this relationship goes bad. There are only positive signs for the 49ers right now. There have only been positive signs to this point, by all accounts. Coach Jim Harbaugh, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, Davis and others have provided glowing reviews, not just positive ones.

"You would never know that's Randy Moss if you didn’t know what he looked like," Davis said. "That is what I admire about him. He fits right in. He is a great guy, man, he's a great guy. He comes from different cloth. He is just one of those guys that is exceptional."