What's pertinent with Tarvaris Jackson

A few thoughts regarding the prospects for an NFL team acquiring Tarvaris Jackson from the Seattle Seahawks:

  • What's been reported: Seattle has spoken with teams regarding a potential trade, but nothing is imminent, according to PFT.

  • Why a trade make senses for Seattle: Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson appear likely to emerge as the top two quarterbacks. Jackson has already given the Seahawks what they wanted from him: a quarterback whose familiarity with the offense helped the team get through a lockout-affected 2011 season. Seattle has no incentive to make a deal immediately. Jackson is insurance for now.

  • Why a trade could be unlikely: Jackson is scheduled to earn $4 million in salary for 2012. Any team acquiring him would acquire that salary, which could be higher than other teams would want to pay. Any team seeking to rework the deal would have to work with Jackson. And if other teams know Jackson doesn't fit in Seattle, why not simply wait for the team to release him?

  • Another consideration: Jackson has spent his career in the offensive system Darrell Bevell brought with him from Minnesota to Seattle as the Seahawks' offensive coordinator. He has conceivably maxed out in this system. He could be less valuable in a different scheme, particularly in the short term. Jackson's former head coach in Minnesota, Brad Childress, is offensive coordinator in Cleveland, where the Browns already have multiple backup quarterback options.