Kolb: 'Don't ever question my toughness'

Kolb Responds To Kelly (0:39)

Kevin Kolb responds to the comments made by Tommy Kelly after the Cardinals' preseason game against the Raiders. (0:39)

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb has issued a strong response to an accusation that he lacks toughness.

Kolb, responding to comments Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Tommy Kelly made, said this to Darren Urban of the team's website:

"Scared? Scared of what? Taking a hit? I have never been afraid of anyone on the field and that will never change. That includes No. 93 (Kelly). There's a fine line between holding in the pocket and trying to escape to make a play. Tommy Kelly is too clueless to know the difference. I don't mind people criticizing my play. Don't ever question my toughness."

Kolb probably needed to say something after Kelly's comments made headlines. Kolb mostly needs to produce better results on the field. He needs to demonstrate the fighting spirit reflected in his comments.

This isn't the first time a quarterback has had his toughness questioned. Alex Smith had his own coach, Mike Nolan, question his toughness years ago. Smith stood up for himself in the short term and then went about proving his toughness on the field. The manner in which he handled that situation helped him survive it and emerge, with help, as a viable quarterback.