Where QBs stand on snaps and more

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- John Skelton's turn to start for the Arizona Cardinals comes Thursday at Tennessee, and with much at stake for the third-year quarterback.

He's handling the opportunity with a shrug. That is typical for Skelton. Not much seems to bother him.

Preseason QB Comparison

"Whether I'm a rookie coming into the league battling for a position on the team or whether I'm battling for a starting spot, I take it the same way," Skelton said Monday from Cardinals camp. "Ask anyone on the team. I really don't let things phase me."

That demeanor is part of Skelton's appeal. He has generally appeared more comfortable than Kevin Kolb. Of course, Skelton has considerably more time in the offense. He has also gotten better pass protection. Those things help.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he plans to take an extended look at Skelton against the Titans. The starting offensive line will remain in the game past halftime, most likely. That should give both quarterbacks a bigger window to work on relatively equal footing.

As the chart shows, Skelton and Kolb have played a similar number of snaps through three preseason games. One of those running plays for Skelton was a kneel-down before the half.

Note: I'm heading out to the Cardinals' practice momentarily. Back in a few hours.