Three things: Seahawks-Chiefs

Three things to watch for Friday night in the Seattle Seahawks' third exhibition game, this one at Kansas City (8 p.m. ET):

1. Russell Wilson's efficiency. Wilson has sometimes dazzled against opposing team's backups to this point in preseason. He has cleared every hurdle the Seahawks have placed before him, often with room to spare. Now that Wilson has earned the right to start this game, I'll be watching to see how efficiently he runs the first-team offense against better competition. How comfortable does he look? Does he continue to look like a veteran? Does the starting offense look better with Wilson than it did with Matt Flynn? This is our chance to find out.

2. WRs revisited. Terrell Owens hurt his cause with a ragged preseason debut against Denver last week. Braylon Edwards had been better than Owens to this point. The feeling here is that one, not both, has a shot at earning a spot on the initial 53-man roster, and that Edwards would be the choice if the competition were close. Seems like Owens needs to separate himself in a good way, beginning in Kansas City. Let's also watch his body language if things don't go right.

Also at receiver, Sidney Rice is making his 2012 preseason debut following two shoulder surgeries. The Seahawks will be watching to see how he holds up physically. It'll be a welcome bonus for Seattle if Wilson can connect with Rice for a big play.

3. Pass-rushers. Seattle invested quite a bit in upgrading its pass-rush this offseason. We haven't seen the results all that consistently during preseason. Some of that is to be understood. Jason Jones has been resting a sore knee. The team isn't scheming the way it will when the games start counting. We did see rookie Bruce Irvin unleash a wicked power rush against the Broncos last week. I'll be looking for additional signs of life on that front.