710ESPN Seattle audio: Clayton Show

Sixteen minutes was enough for John Clayton and I to cover the meaningful ground in the NFC West. We focused on the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, the only NFL teams without starting quarterbacks, during our conversation on 710ESPN Seattle.

John first asked for thoughts on the quarterback decision facing Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. My initial thoughts on that one:

"When you’ve made your whole foundation on competition, you have to go with the guys who win the competitions or you have no credibility. Russell Wilson is winning this competition whether we like it or not, whether it’s convenient or not, whether it’s the best thing for the team or not. He’s winning the competition, so unless something dramatically changes, he has to start Russell Wilson."

Late in the segment, John asked for thoughts on the Cardinals. Part of my response:

"They’ve gone from 1-6 to 8-8. I don’t just write them off. They will climb out of the grave. They are the type of team that can do that. But I have enough concerns at quarterback and offensive line to at least think that they could really fall."

Thanks to Liz Mathews for passing along the audio link. You can follow John on Twitter and find his 710ESPN audio archives here.