In case Whisenhunt needs help on QB pick

Coach Ken Whisenhunt has not yet announced a starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals' regular-season opener.

There hasn't been a shortage of fodder.

We've learned the following at various points this offseason that:

Notice the theme? Has anyone at any time this offseason reported anything suggesting the Cardinals favor Kolb over Skelton?

The poll lets you cast your vote, which Whisenhunt will surely consult before announcing his decision. We've received more than 57,000 votes as of Sunday, and if you check out the polling map, you'll notice Kolb leading Skelton in all but six states, a bit of a surprise. The two states where Kolb has played professionally, Pennsylvania and Arizona, are among the six going for Skelton.

I do think the Cardinals might get a short-term bump in their locker room by going with Skelton to open the season. I also think the Cardinals are going to need both quarterbacks this season. Kolb has faced intense pressure to produce after signing a lucrative contract amid high expectations last offseason. He might feel less pressure entering the season in a backup role and coming off the bench as needed later in the season. That would be part of my justification for going with Skelton in the short term.

Going with Kolb to open the season would also be defensible. Kolb showed a few positive signs during the most recent preseason game. Perhaps he could build upon that if given a chance to remain on the field. Skelton would still be there as an alternative if needed. With the Cardinals' offensive line springing additional leaks after losing left tackle Levi Brown, that point could come sooner than later, particularly in light of Kolb's injury history.