No concussion bitterness from retired QB

Chris Miller played and coached in the NFC West, most recently serving on the Arizona Cardinals' coaching staff through last season.

Concussions interrupted and ultimately ended his playing career after one Pro Bowl appearance and more than 19,000 yards passing.

Miller, 47, says he "feels fantastic" now and probably took far fewer hits than players at other positions. He knew something was wrong, however, when he kept nicking the golf ball with his putter instead of striking it solidly while on the practice green.

With an assist from Rob Demovsky, I ran across a 21-minute podcast featuring Miller answering questions about concussions and the NFL.

Miller isn't crusading against the game. He calls concussion risks part of the game and applauds the league for improving how it deals with head trauma. He sounds relatively unconcerned about his future in relation to the roughly eight or 10 concussions he suffered:

"I was surfing over in Maui a couple weeks ago and caught a decent wave and got knocked down, the surfboard hit me right in the temple. I was dinged for a little while and felt crummy the rest of the afternoon, but came through pretty quick and felt normal before too long.

"You know, I'm concerned about it, but I try to be proactive. I used to drink a lot of beer back in the day, used to get after it pretty good with the boys. I quit drinking, felt a lot sharper from that standpoint. No backwards days in terms of going out and having a large night with the guys. And I try to keep my mind active doing Sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles, and I take ginkgo biloba, which is good for brain function and mental clarity and some of those things.

"I cognizantly try to take care of myself in terms of dealing with those issues, so I won't have to deal with them when I get older."

Overall, Miller sounds concerned about concussions. He's supportive toward players dealing with them. He expresses no bitterness toward the league for how his concussions were handled, chalking it up to how the game was played in a different era.