2012 Grid Challenge: Back to dominate

Those of you supposedly too cool or busy for fantasy football aren't too cool or busy to be reading an item about fantasy football.

By now, you could have clicked on this link and joined the fun for 2012.

The NFC West Gridiron Challenge is back for another year.

The format works for those weary of joining leagues where a key injury can derail a season. In this version, general managers (that's us) get a $50 million salary allotment to pick players each week. Player values change based on performance, so if you can spot values, you can gain an advantage -- not just during your draft or through the occasional trade, but every week at every position.

Congrats, again, to Wing Kong Exchange for prevailing over the roughly 1,700 participants in our group last year. That figure included NFC East blogger Dan Graziano. It also included my wife, who thankfully didn't fare as well as usual last season.

I'll be drafting the San Francisco 49ers' Vernon Davis this year, most likely, based on how well he finished last season after gaining a firmer grasp of the offense. First, though, I'll have to compare his price against those for other players at the position.

Locking onto the right quarterback early is essential. It's also worth noting when key players have bye weeks. Leaving a quarterback slot empty for a week can be costlier than finding a lower-priced alternative at the position. I'd rather lose a player early, before values for the best players have shot up too much.

Best of luck to you. I'll post updates each week.

2011 NFC West Gridiron Challenge Final Standings