Video: Montana's thoughts on Alex Smith

NFL Live OT: High Expectations Facing The 49ers (3:16)

Jerry Rice and Joe Montana discuss the high expectations facing San Francisco after reaching the NFC championship game last season. (3:16)

One play changed Joe Montana's perception regarding Alex Smith.

Montana discussed that play, one in which Smith trusted his intended receiver in a clutch situation, while in studio with Jerry Rice and ESPN's Trey Wingo on NFL Live OT.

The play was one San Francisco 49ers fans will not forget: Smith to Vernon Davis for the winning touchdown against New Orleans in the playoffs last season.

"You look from behind, you watch the ball come out, the guy is just clearing the 'backer and he is throwing the ball dead straight at the safety and just trusting that Vernon is going to come in front," Montana said. "And he comes in front of the safety and he scores a TD. That play right there, confidence. That showed me confidence in his ability to throw the ball. He can make those throws and now it's just about managing the game."

Wingo asked Montana and Rice about the current team. Montana's comments regarding Smith had the highest nutritional value.