Chat wrap: One chat down, one more to go

One chat wasn't enough for this opening week of the 2012 NFL season.

We've got another one scheduled, this one at 1 p.m. ET Thursday.

Here's the link.

A few highlights from our kickoff chat Tuesday:

On Arizona's Kevin Kolb: "I thought that Tennessee game was a net positive for Kolb even with the two picks. But throwing a pick-six right out of halftime hurt him badly. Ken Whisenhunt knows they need to cut down on turnovers at the position. They have the makings of a good defense. They have the makings of a good ground game. They do not protect the quarterback very well. Their quarterbacks do not protect the ball well enough. Kolb in particular has issues relating to pocket presence. It was too little, too late for Kolb."

On Aldon Smith's readiness: "I've got my questions on the maturity side. DUI arrest, stab wounds suffered at a party ... not the ideal offseason. Throw in the injury suffered early in the preseason and the 49ers could use more of a security blanket there. All's well if Smith comes out of the gates quickly. Remember, too, that the Packers and Lions will force the 49ers into their sub packages quite a bit. That could actually help Smith."

On Seattle's Bruce Irvin: "I went out on a limb and picked him for defensive rookie of the year based more on what I saw from him early in training camp, and based on how right the Seahawks have been about getting defensive personnel that fits just right. The way Irvin played in preseason made me feel not quite as good about predicting him for DROY. But in the end, I went with him anyway. He's going to get four games against what I expect to be shaky pass protectors for Arizona and St. Louis. He'll have a loud home crowd to play off of in Seattle. And I'm sure Seattle will be more creative in using him once the games start counting. How he fared against the Raiders' backups was a bonus, but not all that big a deal in my view."

On Janoris Jenkins: "Some guys look like they belong. Jenkins is one of them. He seems to have a nose for the ball. He's very talented athletically -- arguably one of the 4-5 most talented players on the team right now. That was the feel from training camp. The preseason games were tougher for Jenkins. He learned some lessons. The coaching staff sees the talent and knows it's onto something."