Officially speaking: The skinny on every referee

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

This file lets you instantly see where any NFL referee fits among his peers regarding penalties and replay challenges. Just passing along.

Five quick officiating notes through Week 6:

  • 49ers coach Mike Singletary is 2-0 in challenges this season. The Cardinals' Ken Whisenhunt is 1-1. The Seahawks' Jim Mora is 0-3 and the Rams' Steve Spagnuolo is 0-2.

  • Walt Coleman's crew suffered three reversals working the Bills-Jets game, matching the season high for any crew this season. Don Carey's crew suffered three working Panthers-Falcons in Week 2.

  • Coaches remain smarter about their replay challenges when playing away from home. Road coaches were 5-4 in challenges for Week 6, compared to 2-6 for home coaches. Overall, road coaches have won 23 reversals this season. Home coaches have won only nine.

  • Bill Leavy's crew has incurred only two challenges, a league low. Ron Winter's crew has incurred 14, a league high. Each crew has suffered only one reversal, however.

  • Walt Anderson's crew is assessing 15.6 penalties per game, most in the league and 5.6 more per game than Al Riveron's crew.